Bourbon List and More

Here is the main festival list. For GA Ticket more expensive whiskeys below will be multiple tickets. With VIP ticket every bourbon in the main festival is one ticket and the only section that will require multiple tickets for VIP ticket holders is the VIP Section.

Here’s How Pricing breaks down:

VIP List

These bourbons are only available to VIP Ticket holders

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

All samples below are one ticket with VIP Admission

Cocktail Station

General Admission

Table 1

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4

Table 5 Padre Azul Premium Tequila (aged in Bourbon Barrels)

Table 6 Bluegrass / Mythology / Rainmaker

Table 7 Porter’s

Table 8 Wolfhead / Roulette / Senator

Table 9 Sweet Revenge / 1835

Table 10 Alton / Proclamation / Grace O’Malley / Knockmore

Table 11 Betini

Table 12 Nulu / 1776 / Old Pepper

Table 13 Ann Arbor Distilling Co.

Table 14 Coppercraft Distillery

Table 15 Grand Traverse Distillery

Table 16 Green Door Distilling

Table 17 Iron Fish Distillery

Table 18 Maker’s Mark

Table 19 Mammoth Distilling

Table 20 Shankar Distillers

Table 21 Southern Star Bourbon Whiskey

Table 22 Three Chord Bourbon

Table 23 Ugly Dog Distillery

Table 24 Founders Brewing Co.

Table 25 Wine